Sogecom BV was founded in 1985 and is involved in a large variety of projects and companies. At present the main focus is flat land large scale electricity storage (FLES). See the FLES section for further information.
Just a few examples of previous projects are mentioned below.Development of the MECC exhibition and conference centre.

MECC houses the most important art fair of the world: TEFAF.
Forerunners of this art fair were Pictura and Antique, both concepts developed by Sogecom. See:

Restructuring of ACEC (Ateliers de Construction Électrique de Charleroi), a multi billion international industrial company in
electro mechanics. ACEC produced high quality electronic installations, from transformers to radio and TV sets. Also electric engines for trains and trams as well as installations for power plants were produced.

Participation in several telecommunications companies, responsible for engineering and distributing PABX and IP telephone systems, and was a partnership in an international call centre. Also a high-tech production unit for telecom equipment was set up in the former GDR.

Development and co-financing of a multipurpose football stadium in corporation with prominent partners.
The concept includes a sliding roof construction and a movable playing field. A separate events entrance and special event facilities makes the project unique. (for impression image 1 & image 2)

Development of a trade centre for biotechnology and life sciences, bridging the cap between industry and knowledge institutes.
See: Some of the spin-offs are the international conference and exhibition BIOnale and the seminar titled Transnational Clinical Trials.